Doorstep Bengaluru Airport Pickup / Drop for as low as ₹400 only!

Our mission
Democratizing travel with cab sharing as a superior alternative to public transport. Bridging the gap between comfort and cost, we offer affordable, eco-friendly rides connecting communities, reducing congestion, and enhancing mobility.
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Our vision
To become the leading provider of sustainable transportation services, recognized for our commitment to affordable, innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction. We envision a future where transportation is accessible to all, contributing to a cleaner, greener planet and enriching the lives of individuals and communities worldwide.
The QuicReach Timeline

Company Inception

The company was incorporated of a vision to innovate the way people travel.

Beta Launch

Launch Beta App with limited operations

1000+ Users

1000+ users onboarded on QuicReach App

5K+ Users & 1K+ Rides completed

5000+ Users, 1000+ Rides completed and 200+ Driver onboared